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This is a short ebook….and the way I describe it is that it’s a photo essay along with a compilation of favorite cat quotes gathered from many, many places—from websites, in emails from friends, as discoveries in books over the years, in greeting cards and from countless other sources.


These entertaining and thoughtful quotes originated from various people/authors from the past—from Sigmund Freud to Jules Verne to Charles Dickens to Edgar Allan Poe—as well as from contemporary sources such as journalist George F. Will .


In this ebook you will find 72 photos of cats I met in Italy—along with the compiled 64 quotes that I personally find humorous, insightful, and, in my opinion, quite true about the relationship of cats with people, other cats, and their surroundings.

It’s best seen in color on your Kindle or Kindle for PC, of course, but if you love cats the photos are still beautiful in black and white.

I hope you enjoy it!


Why an ebook about the Cats of Italy?

Okay, I’ll admit it...I’m a cat nut enthusiast...I’m a sucker for any email, YouTube video, Facebook post, greeting card--you name it! If there’s a cat in it, I’m there!!

And, I’ve always had cats around me…an early memory is, dare I say it, dressing kittens in my doll’s clothes! Currently, two very persnickety, once-feral and now rescued cats own me (one’s typically in my lap when I’m typing away at the keyboard, especially nice in the winter).



                       Max                                                     Gracie

Here’s how the idea for CATS OF ITALY/GATTI d’ITALIA began:

In 2012, I had the opportunity to attend the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy, where I spoke on a panel about indie publishing—along with two other indie authors. The Indie publishing experience for me has been one where I’ve chosen the DIY (do-it-yourself) path. I create my own ebook covers, do my own formatting, submitting, and promotions. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but Amazon has opened up an amazing way for me to continue making my writing available (I think the Amaz-part of Amazon is for amazing!).

Days before the trip to Italy, my very first ebook was indie published on Amazon for Kindle: HOMECOMING--a Wisconsin Reunion Romance (by the way, it features nine cats…and Max makes an appearance!).

So, cats were definitely on my mind…

In the weeks before my trip, as I was researching fun things to do and see in Italy, I began seeing references to the many feral cats in the country, but especially in Rome. I was traveling with my BAF (best author friend) and we planned to spend our last four days in Rome before coming home...so, in my research, when I discovered the Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary, a no-kill shelter in Rome for homeless cats, I knew had to visit!

Before arriving in Rome, though, I began seeing cats…everywhere…and always kept my camera ready to take a photograph. I suppose that’s when the idea of a “cats of Italy” ebook really started germinating.

Cats found me first on the Amalfi Coast—in Ravello



and Positano.



Later, cats found me in Matera,



on the Island of Ischia,

and finally in Rome



and at the Cat Sanctuary of Rome, also known as Torre Argentina.

The cat sanctuary is located at the site of Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome, an excavated historical site of ruins of four Roman temples and the remains of Pompey’s Theatre, located in the ancient Campus Martius.

Needless to say, once I arrived at the site I walked around taking photos of the wandering and sleeping cats among the ruins. And I spent some quality time in the gift shop, dropping a few Euros there for the sake of the cats, of course! I also visited the “special needs” area inside the shelter where a couple was considering adoption.

Here’s a brief informational explanation from the Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary (www.romancats.com) website:

“As you know Torre Argentina is a unique experiment, in a country which does not allow killing animals in shelters: our work in spreading the knowledge and conviction that by spaying and neutering we could help reduce the number of strays and go towards the goal of every cat born is a cat with a home and a family.”

I have to admit when people ask me to name a favorite part of my trip to Italy, I always always always talk about meeting cats everywhere I went…plus, of course, how I saw all the sights I’ve read about but never dreamed I’d see! I came home with 1500 photographs on my shiny new digital camera, which gives you an idea of how enamored I was in being in this magical country. Still, one of the most special parts, I think, was finding the cat sanctuary in Rome.

I hope you’ll take a peek at the Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary website for more information and lend some support if you can so they can continue to do the work they do, and also look for organizations in your own community that help to spay and neuter feral cats and support them if you can.

For more donation information at the Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary click here (click on the “You Can Help” button to access the donation page which includes ways you can donate internationally, including a U.S. location for tax deductible donations).

If you’re interested in adopting a Roman cat from a distance, click here. (then click on “Distance Adoptions”).

AND, don’t forget, A percentage of my royalties from sales of CATS OF ITALY/GATTI d’ITALIA will be donated to the Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary.

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If we treated everyone we meet with the same affection
 we bestow upon our favorite cat, they, too, would purr.
~Martin Buxbaum